Research Experience

Graduate Research Assistant – UC Irvine (June 2015-December 2015)

  • Utilized Dr. Hardt’s Fulbright & department funding for a project on institutional memory and the Lessons Learned process in NATO
  • Transcribed interviews with NATO officials
  • Created a consistent codebook to code the interviews
  • Oversaw 3-6 undergraduate students in the transcribing and coding process
  • Utilized Transcriva 2 and Nvivo for transcribing and coding, respectively
  • Enhanced knowledge of qualitative content analysis & elite interviewing

Graduate Research Assistant – UC Irvine (June 2016-Present)

  • Utilized Dr. Hardt’s CGPACS funding for a project on institutional memory & the Lessons Learned process in NATO
  • Created original charts using data from coded interviews
  • Edited final book chapters
  • Created relationship map of NATO officials interviewed
  • Enhanced knowledge of social network analysis & snowballing interview techniques

Graduate Research Assistant – UC Irvine (August 2016)

  • Utilized NSF grant funding for a project on assessing gender discrimination in graduate student syllabi


  • Research Methods: Qualitative Content Analysis; Comparative Historical Analysis; Elite Interviews; Social Network Analysis
  • English & Tagalog: native proficiency in reading, writing, speaking
  • Spanish: working proficiency in speaking
  • Microsoft: Word, Power Point, and Excel
  • Working knowledge of STATA & SPSS
  • Transcriva 2
  • NVivo 11
  • Prezi



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